Q&A: Franquibel Lima, VP Global Head of Studios at WeWork, shares his insights on the Future of Work

OnOffice sat down with Franquibel Lima, VP Global Head of Studios at WeWork, to discuss his thoughts on the direction of workplace design

22 November 2022

The Four Day Work Week: Neil Knowles, Founder of Elektra Lighting Design Introduced a four-Day Work week at his Company

Neil Knowles, Founder of Elektra Lighting Design, explores introducing a four-day work week at his company for more life balance

21 October 2022

Feel Good Friday: Active Rest, exploring Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s book ‘Rest’

In order to get more done, we actually need to work less and relax more, argues Silicon Valley consultant Alex Soojung-Kim Pang in his revelatory book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

30 September 2022

Why offices need to sound as good as they look

Why offices need to sound as good as they look

16 September 2022

Feel Good Friday: Keeping Technology Positive for Your Wellbeing

Technology can be an incredible tool if you learn how to manage it

26 August 2022
OnOffice-Feel-Good-Friday-Artwork-Mother -Avatar-Asleep-Trine-Bork

The role of artwork in the workplace and its impact on our wellbeing

What role does art play in the workplace? Is it merely decorative or, can it inspire creativity and perhaps even increase productivity?

12 August 2022
OnOffice Wellbeing Creativity

Feel Good Friday: The impact of prioritising our wellbeing on our creativity

How taking the time to focus on your wellbeing can positively impact your creativity.

29 July 2022

Feel Good Friday: The new green age of workplace design

Rory O’Hagan, director at Assael Architecture, shares why green is the new black in office design

22 July 2022
Simple Ways to Incorporate Wellbeing into your Workday

Feel Good Friday: Strategies to combine wellbeing practices with your workday

Simple ways to incorporate small moments throughout your workday to focus on your wellbeing

15 July 2022

Four key tips for introducing mood-boosting plants to your workspace

Dari Shechter, VP Design & Creative and Lily Stanger, Director of Interior Design at Mindspace, share their thoughts on why we need to bring the outdoors in during Covid-19

13 July 2022

How to bounce back from a failure at work

How do we move on and recover from a failure at work? The answer starts with finding the right words

12 July 2022

Feel Good Friday: Wellbeing in the workplace is more than just a buzzword

Employers can't just put a few plants and a fruit basket in the kitchen and call it wellbeing, says mental wellbeing advocate Ben Channon

8 July 2022

Climate change means green offices need to become the norm

Sustainability is at last making a welcome return to the workplace agenda, but let’s not forget that there’s more to energy efficiency than wind turbines

4 July 2022

Feel Good Friday: How focus can positively impact your happiness

Many of us know about the importance of focus, however perhaps don’t realise how a lack of it has a direct impact on not only our levels of productivity, but our happiness and time

1 July 2022

How office spaces can help solve the challenges of working parents

The founder of hybrid space Cuckooz Nest tells OnOffice how venues with flexible childcare on the premises are improving the wellbeing of working parents

29 June 2022


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