The four-day week: Two thirds of the British public want shorter working week

A recent poll has found that nearly two thirds of the public, including 55% of Conservative voters, want Boris Johnson to pilot a four-day working week with no loss of pay for workers

6 July 2021

What the rural workplace revolution means for the future of work

As the pandemic unravelled, we learned to quickly adapt our versions of ‘normal’ and reassess the meaning of work/life balance. This has recently resulted in a countryside property market boom

5 July 2021

Bringing back the element of chance: How to use the office as a communication tool

Working from home has meant ‘watercooler moments’ that provide off-the-cuff inspiration have disappeared. Companies need to work on how to bring these back, says Isabelle Laliberté

1 July 2021

How do you successfully implement a hybrid working model?

Workplace strategist at KKS Savills, Divya Rao looks at how to best implement successful hybrid working models as offices start to reopen

24 June 2021

7 tips for supporting employee wellbeing during the return to work

How can businesses support employees to have a healthy, productive and safe return to work? Liz Forte, Health and Wellness Director at Compass Group Business & Industry, shares her thoughts

21 June 2021
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Study finds unexpected work chats boost productivity for over an hour

Kadence study reveals how chance encounters between colleagues are vital for wellbeing and performance

17 June 2021
working from home, post-pandemic office, post-pandemic office, covid-19, white red architects

What the working from home revolution means for the future of work

Dicky Lewis, director at White Red Architects, shares his thoughts on why the office property market needs to cater for a three-location approach to workspace

28 May 2021

How interior plants create healthy, thriving offices in the post-Covid era

Matt Monckton, Regional Manager of Nurture Landscapes shares why plant displays can be a significant building block in creating the perfect post-pandemic office

25 May 2021

Is it really the end of the office?

Nabil Sabet, Group Director at M Moser Associates, shares her thoughts on why the office as we knew it is a thing of the past

12 May 2021

Why do we need to go back to the office?

After a year of working from home, we are prepared to bring staff back to the workplace. Now we need to understand why we are bringing them back

29 April 2021

Why a lack of sleep can have a serious impact on your work life

Sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley explains why getting enough shut-eye is important for your career

23 April 2021

Forecasting the future of workplace restaurants

Morag Freathy, Managing Director, Compass Business & Industry, shares her thoughts on what workplace catering might look like in future workplaces

5 April 2021

Hybrid working: the end of the clickbait office?

The businesses who will get hybrid working right are the ones who are bold enough about who they are and brave enough to challenge the way they have been working

29 March 2021

5 tips to improve work-life balance when working from home

How to achieve work-life balance when your home is now also your office

25 March 2021

Why collaboration, community and connection enhance mental and physical health in the workplace

In our third and final part on designing for wellbeing, Rosie Haslem, Director at spacelab_, highlights the importance of community

23 March 2021


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