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How community gardening impacts health and wellbeing

Eleanor Brough of Sarah Wigglesworth Architects will be exploring the benefits of collective gardening on the 13th April at Architect@Work

30 March 2022
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Rozz Bar shares how to design a workplace for the new post-Covid landscape

Early last year, architect Roz Barr designed Bureau, a members’ club and workspace in London’s Design District. Then Covid hit. Here Barr shares what she has learned

9 March 2022
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Long Read: What workplace design can learn from higher education facilities

The typical pre-pandemic office design won’t get a passing grade in the workplace of the future. But there is hope for more positive performance marks

1 March 2022
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How to ensure workplace design offers an incentive to stay

Managing Director at Tétris, Stephanie Bonduelle, shares how to support clients with a truly hybrid office strategy 

28 February 2022
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Working from home was the dream but is it still a job perk?

Now that we’re also working from home, where do we have left to escape to?

22 February 2022
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Why putting people at the centre of office design can help fight the Great Resignation

How can businesses tackle this looming crisis? The answer lies with people. It’s time to start listening to what employees want, both in their working lives and when it comes to what their workplace can offer them, says Jitesh Patel, CEO of Peldon Rose 

15 February 2022
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Creating a private and secure workplace in the metaverse

The metaverse is one of the latest technologies sweeping across the business world

7 February 2022
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LABS shares 5 workplace trends to watch in 2022

Looking ahead to 2022, OnOffice shares five workplace trends to watch out for this year as chosen by Matt Watts, Chief Commercial Officer at LABS 

25 January 2022

The benefits of a four-day work week

As the UK launches a four-day work week pilot, a six-month long programme beginning in June with around 30 businesses participating, we explore the benefits of a shorter working week

20 January 2022
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Why the future commute needs a heightened focus on people’s experiences

Post-pandemic working will not trigger a mass exodus from the cities, but the systems that help us to negotiate our way there must change

4 January 2022

How can we design spaces today that will influence a better tomorrow for everyone?

Conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusivity have been ongoing ever since a series of movements and events shed light on the societal gap. The built environment presents an opportunity to spur change and progress –which turns our eyes toward intentional design

23 December 2021

The 7 habits of a highly effective workplace strategy

As we all wrestle with hybrid ways of working, Instant’s predictions this year focus on how we can make this new approach habitual

10 December 2021

Top tips for open office etiquette

How to get the best out of your employees with an open office plan

3 December 2021

Ronald Lu & Partners on the necessity of nature in skyrises

Director of Sustainable Design of Ronald Lu & Partners, MK Leung, discusses biophilic design in high-density urban environments

2 December 2021

10 ‘lockdown-beating’ tips to avert back pain

To mark Backcare Awareness Week, leading UK back-pain-prevention expert and Health Ergonomist Nichola Adams offers practical advice on coping with the growing challenges of working from home

23 November 2021


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