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A return to work for co-working spaces

The rise of co-working spaces was accelerated by the recession of 2008, a time when many people were forced to find work, downsize companies, freelance

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Fora’s Brick Lane factory conversion elevates this office space to new heights

“Pro-working means creating an environment for people to be productive, professional and progressive,” says Katrina Larkin of the term she uses to describe the offering


A modern co-working space centred around a village square concept

Co-working spaces are a lot like village squares – they cater to different types of workers and their needs by design, while allowing inspiration and


Can co-working spaces save retail?

If leisure can rescue retail, then bizarrely leisure’s polar opposite – work – could also be a saviour. Shopping is so old hat – bricks-and-mortar

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Canadian co-working company KWENCH opens 25,000sq ft. space in Victoria, British Columbia

Working in conjunction with Canadian architects MJM Architecture, interior practice Hasenbuilt Design helped create an aesthetic for a new breed of work and social club

The Coalface|||

The Coalface, Finsbury Park’s latest co-working site, shows how and why community should be at the heart of co-working

COO Jonathan Hausmann sits down with OnOffice to explain how Finsbury Park coworking space The Coalface supports more than just businesses in the local community. We knew

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Architecture and interior design studio SHH designs new co-working space in Guangzhou

London-based architecture and interior design studio SHH designed Cohesion as an antidote to the current Guangzhou financial district co-working market. At present, the spaces in

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Meet Stella Boyland, co-founder of Canadian co-working space The Aviary

Founded in 2016 by Andrea McLean and Stella Boyland, The Aviary is Vancouver’s hippest co-working space and retail shop for architects, designers and creatives. Supporting indpendent


naked Hub: Chinese co-working space to open in London after successful Design Shanghai

Wellness is undoubtedly one of the most enduring trends in workplace design and architecture. Co-working spaces have long known that investing in wellbeing is a



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