Carl Dahlstedt|||||||||||||||Note, clockwise from top: Cristiano Pigazzini, Johannes Carlstrom, Susanna Wahlin and Kristoffer Fagerstrom (fifth Notester Alexis Holmqvist was away)|Dezibel, an acoustic panel, makes a virtue of the product’s thickness|MCE lamp, a glass orb sitting in a jointed wooden cradle|Marginal Notes, the experimental collection that began the firm’s rebirth|Suburbia, a wall organiser for Seletti inspired by Vitra’s Uten.Silo|Cork-topped Boet stools (Boet means “nest” in Swedish), for Mitab|The Fuse lamp harnesses maker Ex-t’s expertise with porcelain|Office accessories range Kopiad; its coloured interiors make it glow|Rondell reimagines an office mail-sorting hub as a circular piece of furniture|An aerial view of the Telluria candelabra, inspired by an astrological model|The Soot desk: black on the outside, it opens to reveal a pine interior|Svensk Travsport’s HQ features Note’s pleasingly chunky Boop armchairs|The IT department at bookmakers ATG; staff grew to love it (eventually)|Avanza Bank’s head office: the brief was for something non-bank-like||
24 Jun 2013

Note: From the margins to the mainstream

Words by James McLachlan

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