The Helsinki Interiors founder and board member of Design District Helsinki, explains her fascination with biophilic design

OnOffice sat down with Anna Tiula to discuss how she incorporates Nordic biophilia, positive psychology and sensory design into her work

24 March 2023
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Are destination offices the new norm?

The workplace team at Todd Architects explain why ‘destination offices’ are quickly becoming a top trend within workplace design with increased emphasis on hybrid working in the wake of Covid-19

17 March 2023

Long Read: Transforming work culture through leadership is an inside job

Matt Mayberry explores how leaders need to display the best version of themselves and be ready to transform the lives of the people they lead if they want to transform the work culture of an organisation

3 March 2023
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The Home Office for Third Agers

Workplace design in the home and office must embrace ageing, says David Schill,  Aritco Lift’s head of marketing 

24 February 2023
Photo of Dean Connell

The London-based Creative Director is a leading force behind a new type of flexible workspace

10 February 2023
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Flexible working works: Three thought leaders explore a new definition of flexible working

In their new book, three leaders of the business transformation consortium Future Forum offer a blueprint for using flexibility to unlock the potential of team working

20 January 2023
Christian Grosen

Q&A: Christian Grosen, Vitra’s Chief Design Officer, shares his insights on the classic Jean Prouvé collection

OnOffice sat down with Christian Grosen to discuss his thoughts on a design classic adapting to the changing workplace

13 January 2023

Long Read: Making sure you have the right mindset

Poor mental health can have as much bearing on workplace performance as poor physical health – and both employers and employees need to be committed to wellbeing at work

27 December 2022
Corey Combrinck

The Amsterdam-based artist and Design Director pioneering more sustainable ways of working

OnOffice spoke with Corey Combrinck to discuss incorporating wellbeing practices into our day and the impact prioritising our wellbeing can have on our work

9 December 2022

Q&A: Franquibel Lima, VP Global Head of Studios at WeWork, shares his insights on the Future of Work

OnOffice sat down with Franquibel Lima, VP Global Head of Studios at WeWork, to discuss his thoughts on the direction of workplace design

22 November 2022

Neil Knowles, Founder of Elektra Lighting Design Introduced a four-day work week at his Company

Neil Knowles, Founder of Elektra Lighting Design, explores introducing a four-day work week at his company for more life balance

21 October 2022

Why offices need to sound as good as they look

The Managing Director of Oscar Acoustics, Ben Hancock, talks about the importance of good acoustics in the workplace and the impact on employee wellbeing

16 September 2022
Photo of Nasim Köerting

Nasim Köerting, TOG’s Head of Design on the exciting times ahead for workspaces

OnOffice sat down with Nasim Köerting to discuss what's ahead for workspaces while people continue to push boundaries further and further  

1 August 2022

How to bounce back from a failure at work

How do we move on and recover from a failure at work? The answer starts with finding the right words

12 July 2022

Climate change means green offices need to become the norm

Sustainability is at last making a welcome return to the workplace agenda, but let’s not forget that there’s more to energy efficiency than wind turbines

4 July 2022


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