Top tips for open office etiquette

How to get the best out of your employees with an open office plan

3 December 2021

Ronald Lu & Partners on the necessity of nature in skyrises

Director of Sustainable Design of Ronald Lu & Partners, MK Leung, discusses biophilic design in high-density urban environments

2 December 2021

10 ‘lockdown-beating’ tips to avert back pain

To mark Backcare Awareness Week, leading UK back-pain-prevention expert and Health Ergonomist Nichola Adams offers practical advice on coping with the growing challenges of working from home

23 November 2021

Make Possible: Agility in the age of uncertainty

London-based design practice Pearson Lloyd shares how to thrive with agility in the age of uncertainty

22 November 2021
the school of life

The School of Life reveals the 20 soft skills you need to succeed at work

The School of Life’s The Emotionally Intelligent Office champions a move away from traditional hard skills in favour of a more soft skillset

19 November 2021
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Make Change: Learning and leading together

As our world changes, so must leadership, to reflect more fully the values, demographics, priorities and diversity we serve

17 November 2021

Why ocean-bound plastic is heading for the office

Sustainability starts with the triple bottom line; initiatives must be good for the planet, good for people and good for the economy, says Oliver Cripps, Herman Miller's Sustainability Manager 

11 November 2021

Kiltered aims to shift our perception around diversity in the workplace

Kiltered is a recently launched strategic consultancy that aims to change our perception around inclusion in the workplace—and encourage better business in the process

10 November 2021
hybrid work, future workplace, covid-19, OnOffice magazine

Hybrid Working: A matter of reputation?

Koen Mattjis, Chief Division Officer, Operate & Manage Division of the Nemetschek Group, discusses the importance of hybrid and flexible work scenarios for employees – and employers

8 November 2021
workplace wellbeing, stress awareness day, stress management, workplace wellness, OnOffice magazine

National Stress Awareness Day: Workplace experts weigh in

To mark National Stress Awareness Day, November 3rd 2021, OnOffice shares the various steps employees can take to help relieve stress 

3 November 2021

Six effective ways to boost productivity levels at work

Feeling unproductive and finding it hard to concentrate now that you’re back in the office? Read on below to find out how you can be more productive in the office

1 November 2021

Office Design Today: Expect the Unexpected

The future is hard to predict, but a few design tricks can help, says Sandi Rudy, Associate/Senior Interior Designer at Cushing Terrell

27 October 2021

The benefits of having dogs at work

Research indicates that canine co-workers can help to reduce workplace stress

22 October 2021

Working in an office on Thursdays 4 times more popular than Mondays

Only 10% are choosing to work in an office on a Monday, according to new data from workspace booking app NearU

21 October 2021

Is home working too homely?

Survey shows more than half of us are still working from kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms

20 October 2021


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