Office noise: The UK’s productivity pitfall

How noise is preventing a return to offices

11 January 2024

Timothy Anscombe-Bell explores the positive impact of value-driven collaboration

For meaningful change, surround yourself with practitioners from different disciplines who share your values, says the founder of Los Angeles-based consultancy firm Sustainable Design Collective

22 September 2023

When the Eklund sisters took over their family flooring business, they were determined to infuse it with their boundless creativity

OnOffice sat down with Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer of Bolon to discuss the company's heritage, ethos and collaborating with Patricia Urquiola

15 September 2023
mcmullan studio, community, the hatchery, rural workplace, onoffice magazine

Andrew Mcmullan on the power picnic

As we rethink the workspace in our post-pandemic rush towards a biophilic future, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider the power lunch too

14 July 2023

Long Read: Transforming work culture through leadership is an inside job

Matt Mayberry explores how leaders need to display the best version of themselves and be ready to transform the lives of the people they lead if they want to transform the work culture of an organisation

7 July 2023

Tracking Emissions: The Case for Train Travel

For any communications agency specialising in design and architecture, Milan Design Week is an essential event on the annual calendar. But how can you reconcile international travel with sustainable business practice? Simple, says agency founder Sabine Zettler, take the train...

30 June 2023

The New York based expert in circular design explains why she is an advocate for the use of sustainable and healthy materials

OnOffice sat down with Laurence Carr to discuss her show Chez Laurence on EarthxTV and sharing her knowledge of circular design with a global audience

23 June 2023

Matthew Robertson explores the positive impact of letting the outdoors in

A gift from nature: Adventurer and founder of Momentum Matthew Robertson – specialising in creating media in dramatic environments – explores the positive impact of letting the outdoors in

9 June 2023

The Helsinki Interiors founder and board member of Design District Helsinki, explains her fascination with biophilic design

OnOffice sat down with Anna Tiula to discuss how she incorporates Nordic biophilia, positive psychology and sensory design into her work

24 March 2023
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Are destination offices the new norm?

The workplace team at Todd Architects explain why ‘destination offices’ are quickly becoming a top trend within workplace design with increased emphasis on hybrid working in the wake of Covid-19

17 March 2023
Corey Combrinck

The Amsterdam-based artist and Design Director pioneering more sustainable ways of working

OnOffice spoke with Corey Combrinck to discuss incorporating wellbeing practices into our day and the impact prioritising our wellbeing can have on our work

1 March 2023
Woman working at a

The Home Office for Third Agers

Workplace design in the home and office must embrace ageing, says David Schill,  Aritco Lift’s head of marketing 

24 February 2023
Woman working in cafe on laptop

Flexible working works: Three thought leaders explore a new definition of flexible working

In their new book, three leaders of the business transformation consortium Future Forum offer a blueprint for using flexibility to unlock the potential of team working

10 February 2023
Photo of Dean Connell

The London-based Creative Director is a leading force behind a new type of flexible workspace

OnOffice sat down with Dean Connell on developing a new type of members club exploring new ways of working in a post-pandemic world

20 January 2023
Christian Grosen

Q&A: Christian Grosen, Vitra’s Chief Design Officer, shares his insights on the classic Jean Prouvé collection

OnOffice sat down with Christian Grosen to discuss his thoughts on a design classic adapting to the changing workplace

13 January 2023


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