||||||||||||||||||The Molitor, an art-deco landmark building in 1929 © Gilles Trillard|The Molitor spa with a 1920s-style mural of bathers at the pool © Gilles Trillard|The rooms at the Molitor encapsulate the “unthreatening modernity” and appeal of art deco ©Gilles Trillard|The original art-deco features in the Molitor restaurant, such as the ceiling, lighting and decorative terrazzo floor, have been restored © Gilles Trillard|Mixing 1920s details with bold colours and contemporary lines © Gilles Trillard|Stained glass bathers at Molitor © Gilles Trillard|Nuel’s approach is to draw on history, without ignoring 21st century lifestyles © Gilles Trillard|Mondrian by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio © Peter Lindgreen|Mondrian’s copper ‘hull’ hall leads to the riverfront © Peter Lindgreen|Mondrian’s racing green Dandelyan bar echoes British members’ clubs © Emily Andrews|Art deco with a Tom Dixon-style edge © Peter Lindgreen|The Mondrian cinema © Peter Lindgreen|Located in Mayfair, The Beaumont is the first hotel by Corbin & King © Nick Ingram|The Beaumont lobby © Nick Ingram|Jimmy’s bar at The Beaumont © David Loftus|”We didn’t want [it] to be just another contemporary interpretation of a 1920s hotel.” © Nick Ingram|Bold patterns and luxurious finishes inject art-deco glamour into the en-suite bathrooms © Nick Ingram||
01 Dec 2014

Mondrian, Beaumont & Molitor revive art deco

Words by Jenny Brewer

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