||||||||||||||(L-R) Russell Curtis, Tim Riley and Dieter Kleiner|TNG has been designed flexibly so that anything seems possible|Timber and natural light sidestep the usual community building cliches|Enfield Business Centre’s new glazed frontage provides a welcoming face|Enfield’s flexible reception space: “More like a pavilion than a foyer”|Building a sense of ownership: TNG Wells Park Youth Centre|Open Eye Gallery, whose Corian facade is the canvas for changing artwork|The gallery bookshop: an outward-looking design helps to increase footfall|Sinta Tantra’s Together Yet Forever Apart, ‘wall art’ for 2012’s biennial|The Europan-winning housing scheme for Stoke-on-Trent|RCKA’s three-storey extension added to tech company De La Rue’s HQ|The De La Rue building fosters the cross-fertilisation of ideas|Acoustitch, RCKA’s artwork for the Crown Estate’s 11 Waterloo Place||

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