|||||||||||||||||Emmanuelle Moureaux|Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Nakaaoki branch (2014)|Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Nakaaoki branch (2014)|Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Ekoda branch (2012)|Mille-Feuille storage series (2013)|Mille-Feuille was designed for German furniture manufacturer Schonbuch|Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Ekoda branch (2012)|Sugamo Shinkin Brank Ekoda merges the interior and exterior with 48 coloured sticks|Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokiwadai branch (2010)|100 Colours, Shinjuku Central Park (2014)|Venice Architecture Biennale (2014)|Venice Architecture Biennale (2014)|Uniqlo window display (2014)|Tokyo Designers Week (2014)||
02 Feb 2015

Emmanuelle Moureaux: adding colour to Tokyo

Words by Miranda Fitzgerald

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