John Millar|||||||||||||||Brodie Neill sitting on his Pleat bench, part of Made in Ratio’s second collection|Tetra, an oak shelving system made from multiple stacked trapezoids|A felt stackable stool made from recycled PET. The stool is also recyclable|Prism, a glass a steel table: “Like a Noguchi coffee table, but harder-edged”|The Pleat bench, made from Corian, neatly overlaps at the ends to form its feet|The Stem stool is a curvy piece of Corian set on top of a swivelling base|Supernova’s trestles can be placed in different positions to alter its height|Italian glassblowers make the rounded, flower-like Cumulous pendant|The looping E-turn fibreglass bench, made for Kundalini|Glacier, a limited-edition chaise made from 300kg of clear glass|Inspired by a shell, the Cowrie rocker has a satisfying simple outline|Like the rocker, the Cowrie chair is made from a single sheet of plywood|The Reverb chair expressed Neill’s interest in parametric design…|…also explored in Made in Ratio’s Matrix coat stand, a woven thread of steel||
17 Apr 2014

Brodie Neill: the computer-aided craftsman

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