Marek Sikora||||||||||||||||MARK founder John Miller’s school project – a wooden bus|Mathew Hilton’s papier-mâché head, circa 1970|Jay Osgerby’s wooden coat hook, made in 1986|Simon Pengelly’s cabinet, made aged 14-16|Ceramic room by Ab Rogers, aged 15|Michael Marriott’s desk lamp, made aged 16|Trammel set by Terence Woodgate|Linda Morey-Smith’s car design, made aged 16|Ruth Wassermann’s side table, designed in 1996|Table by Tom Lloyd, aged 13|Wooden boat by Oliver Marlow of TILT, aged 13|Car by David Irwin, aged 7|Anna Hart’s coffee table, made in 1993|Box by Gala Wright, circa 1981|Paul Logan’s ceramic dish, made in 1978||
05 Jun 2013

John Miller: the importance of making

Words by Hugh Metcalf

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