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The most productive colours to paint your home working space

The colour of your space can have a big impact on your productivity, mood, and mindset throughout the workday The work from home order has


Holistic architect brings harmony to the workplace with new book

Australian architect Christina Kim takes a holistic approach to architecture which integrates the mind, body, and soul Christina Kim was an established architect working with


Mad about music: A third of office workers argue over the office playlist

61% of offices don’t permit music, according to a study by Office Furniture Online, despite over half of employees being in favour The office playlist can often


Art and its benefits in the workplace

OnOffice sits down with Rise Art’s Content Associate Tatty Martin to discuss the online gallery’s upcoming exhibition, the many psychological benefits of having art in


Another Country, Mowat & Co and Ekkist reflect on how to create a healthier post-pandemic office

The trio have collaborated to design a new and healthier way of working The Covid-19 pandemic has upended daily life as we know it and


Research finds design is one of the most dog-friendly industries to work in

As more than two in five UK employees are interested in bringing their furry friend into the office, Compare The Market has revealed the UK’s top


7 tips for supporting employee wellbeing during the return to work

How can businesses support employees to have a healthy, productive and safe return to work? Liz Forte, Health and Wellness Director at Compass Group Business

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Study finds unexpected work chats boost productivity for over an hour

Chargifi study reveals how chance encounters between colleagues are vital for wellbeing and performance As organisations begin to test different hybrid working styles, new data


How interior plants create healthy, thriving offices in the post-Covid era

Matt Monckton, Regional Manager of Nurture Landscapes shares why plant displays can be a significant building block in creating the perfect post-pandemic office There’s no


Is it really the end of the office?

Nabil Sabet, Group Director at M Moser Associates, shares her thoughts on why the office as we knew it is a thing of the past



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