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10 ‘lockdown-beating’ tips to avert back pain

To mark Backcare Awareness Week, leading UK back-pain-prevention expert and Health Ergonomist Nichola Adams offers practical advice on coping with the growing challenges of working


Work vs leisure: striking the balance of amenities in the office

As work becomes more flexible and the boundary between work and life more fluid, mobile workers often perform tasks that require high concentration not only


Mondays Moves shares the five-minute movement practice designed to relieve stress and increase focus

Have a quick scan of the items on your office desk. Other than your computer, phone, and maybe some stationery, what else are you surrounded

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Packing lunch for work doesn’t have to be hard

Making a healthy and filling lunch for work each day might seem impossible to most of us. But studies show that inconsistent eating habits at

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Oslo Innovation Week x OnOffice: How to create an authentic work environment

Taking place across several venues in Oslo from September 23 -27, Oslo Innovation Week presents an exciting programme each year of pitching contests, ‘hackathons’, workshops,

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Perkins and Will’s Toronto office is designed for a healthy workplace and culture

When Perkins and Will had the chance to design a new space for our office in downtown Toronto, we seized it the opportunity to capture


How height adjustable desks can transform your office

The very best office furniture combines function and form with style. However, the latest developments in desks means that workplace furniture can also help enhance


Five simple ways businesses can promote health at work

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Facilities managers, designers and office architects have long known that creating a positive work environment can boost a business’ overall performance. To do

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Stress Awareness Day 2019: How can businesses do better for their staff?

It’s estimated that approximately 50% of workers say they have come close to breaking point due to stress, with a recent survey finding that the


How concern around workplace wellbeing is changing the planning agenda

Co-working spaces, serviced offices, managed offices and incubators are all part of a revolution in the traditional property supply chain. Businesses now plan over very



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