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Reinventing tradition in a bright, minimal Berlin workspace

JWA and Ralf Wilkening breathed new industrial life into this residential plot of Prenzlauer Berg In Berlin’s popular Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, a bright new office


Snøhetta completes verdant, timber office project in Austria

The open-plan workspace for adventure travel company ASI Reisen prioritises sustainability and wellbeing Architecture and design practice Snøhetta has completed a new sustainable office building


Back to work: design solutions for the post-COVID-19 office

It was over seven weeks ago when Boris Johnson, in a then daily COVID-19 television briefing, announced that the UK was going into a state


Work vs leisure: striking the balance of amenities in the office

As work becomes more flexible and the boundary between work and life more fluid, mobile workers often perform tasks that require high concentration not only


NHS England set to transform ExCel London into new makeshift hospital

In an unprecedented move, ExCeL London, an East London exposition centre, is currently being re-fitted with hundreds of beds and ventilators. The makeshift hospital will

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Why Australian office design is ahead of the curve on health and wellbeing

What designers can learn from getting an international perspective on design. Having worked in office design across the globe including Asia, the Middle East and


Inside WPP’s Amsterdam campus office

In the southern suburbs of Amsterdam there are plenty of cyclists, a few cafes and a lot of housing – and until recently, there was

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One Year In: US Bank Stadium

Its been one year since the US Bank Stadium opened its doors.  Architect: HKS Architects Our mission was to create a stadium that celebrates the


What will the workplace look like in 2020?

We have arrived in a new year, and a new decade, one where the workplace looks markedly different than it did ten years ago. And

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Do new workplaces work?

Change doesn’t come easily. Indeed, research often cited by McKinsey & Company – and countless other groups – suggests that organisations’ change programmes fail to



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