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Why purpose is key to successful businesses – and how you can find it

A compact guide on how to drive efficient workplaces, nurture positive culture and motivate high-performing employees Norwegian design agency Mission has just unveiled its latest

the school of life

The School of Life reveals the 20 soft skills you need to succeed at work

The School of Life’s The Emotionally Intelligent Office champions a move away from traditional hard skills in favour of a more soft skillset In recent years,


What will the workplace look like in 2020?

We have arrived in a new year, and a new decade, one where the workplace looks markedly different than it did ten years ago. And

Perkins and Will|||

Perkins and Will’s Toronto office is designed for a healthy workplace and culture

When Perkins and Will had the chance to design a new space for our office in downtown Toronto, we seized it the opportunity to capture


Designing for neurodiversity: How to build offices that become incubators of innovation

Silicon Valley is no longer just a geographical location, it’s a state-of-mind. The “fail fast, succeed quicker” mindset that took start-ups from the garage to

Alexis Brown O'Meal|||

Why being yourself at work means everybody wins

“Just be yourself,” is the advice we often hear from family and friends when we’re facing a challenge, like a job interview or an important


Escaping the toxic workplace and designing a sustainable creative industry

The creative industry doesn’t have a particularly stellar reputation when it comes to sustainable working practices, especially in the traditional agency world. The industry is


Is arbejsglaede the new hygge? Meet the Danish idea all about being happy at work

Ahead of the British Council for Offices conference in Copenhagen, we learn more about the Danish concept of arbejdsglæde Arbejdsglæde(ah-bites-gleh-the) is not an easy word to

Mike Kononov|||

The most successful businesses understand ideas come from everyone

Katrina Larkin, co-founder of Fora, says agile working and a creative culture lead to innovation and new solutions This year’s most successful companies run on



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