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Why we need a long‐term workplace design strategy

As designers, we are constantly exploring possible futures with our clients, modeling provocative scenarios that envision what the ever‐evolving future of the workplace might be.

Anna Shvets|||

Is the hot-desking project over?

While, in general, the media frames the intangible countdown to the end of lockdown as celebratory, as if a release from an unjust prison sentence,


The home working experiment: how office use may change post COVID-19

In addition to the tragic toll on human life, the onset of COVID-19 has forced many of us to quickly adapt to remote working. Although

The Coalface|||

The Coalface, Finsbury Park’s latest co-working site, shows how and why community should be at the heart of co-working

COO Jonathan Hausmann sits down with OnOffice to explain how Finsbury Park coworking space The Coalface supports more than just businesses in the local community. We knew

Patch Plants|||

Why having plants in the workspace is great for improving mood

It’s proven that more time spent in nature has major benefits, from productivity to mental wellbeing. Unfortunately for most of us, the spaces we inhabit,

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Did your office interior ever look like this?

If the office is no longer spatial, what has it become? Ripe with potential, this is the question that lies at the heart of Out


Why is being dehydrated bad for your workflow?

LARQ Bottle Collection The need to be efficient while we work is something we can all relate to. Whether it’s meeting a deadline, closing a

Shao Feng|||

Throwback Thursday: X+Living’s Ideas Lab in Shanghai

An ideas laboratory filled with contradictory references to the past, present and future forms the spine of a recent workplace project in Shanghai by design

Philip Veater|||

Why is the gender pay gap still such a big problem?

Despite huge amounts of publicity and government efforts to tackle the the gender pay gap, it remains a serious issue. It affects women in most

Max Zambelli|||

Beneath the skin: A look inside Davines Village

Much like in literature, what elevates good architecture from its run-of-the-mill counterpart is the story. In the case of Davines Village, it’s a boy-meets-girl scenario



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