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Wellness and inclusivity are at the heart of the new Contentful hub in Berlin

Toi Toi Toi Creative Studio have created a finely balanced fit-out that preserves the creative start-up energy Contentful was built on while setting it up


Feel Good Friday: Keeping Technology Positive for Your Wellbeing

Technology can be an incredible tool if you learn how to manage it During the pandemic, as our professional and personal lives blended with entire


Hybrid hospitality group edyn creates a leafy oasis for its London HQ

edyn’s Development Studio collaborates with design studios Maison August and Atelier Ochre to create a green space that invites creativity, innovation, and social interactions. The

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Feel Good Friday: The impact of prioritising our wellbeing on our creativity

How taking the time to focus on your wellbeing can positively impact your creativity. If you do a search for wellbeing and creativity, you will


Feel Good Friday: The new green age of workplace design

Rory O’Hagan, director at Assael Architecture, shares why green is the new black in office design Environmental concerns are now dominating the business agenda for

Simple Ways to Incorporate Wellbeing into your Workday

Feel Good Friday: Strategies to combine wellbeing practices with your workday

Simple ways to incorporate small moments throughout your workday to focus on your wellbeing You may already know that prioritising your health can benefit your


Feel Good Friday: Wellbeing in the workplace is more than just a buzzword

Employers can’t just put a few plants and a fruit basket in the kitchen and call it wellbeing, says mental wellbeing advocate Ben Channon In


Climate change means green offices need to become the norm

Sustainability is at last making a welcome return to the workplace agenda, but let’s not forget that there’s more to energy efficiency than wind turbines


How office spaces can help solve the challenges of working parents

The founder of hybrid space Cuckooz Nest tells OnOffice how venues with flexible childcare on the premises are improving the wellbeing of working parents In


What is burnout and why does it matter?

Why the World Health Organization is so concerned about burnout and what you need to know As awareness about the impact of the workplace on



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