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Soda Studio and TOG carve out sophisticated interior for all-new Brock House

Flexible workspace provider TOG (The Office Group) has announced Brock House, London, as the latest addition to its growing platform of spaces Even when the


TOG and Note Design Studio use colour and texture to inject daring personality into new London workspace

The duo’s convention-busting space offers a glimpse into the office of the future With their recent redesign and refurbishment of the interior of Douglas House,


dMFK design new flexible workspace in One Canada Square

The latest offering of the The Office Group (TOG) is housed within the Canary Wharf centrepiece. As if further evidence was needed of co-working’s growing


The Office Group takes over an ex-Met Police headquarters

While the name Tintagel House may conjure up heritage and tradition, nothing about this building’s original incarnation so much as hinted at that. Built in

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Speakeasy style co-working space by Ben Adams Architects

Ben Adams architects has completely reinvented a dated office building next to Tech City’s Old Street roundabout. Albert House is now a truly flexible and



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