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5 ideas for positive tech practices

Technology can be an incredible tool if you manage it. Kaye Preston, Founder of Designers Mind, shares her top tips with OnOffice During the pandemic,

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3 must-have devices for your office desk

Helping create better-connected offices, these gadgets are perfect for tech-savvy workers who are looking to take their office to the next level   1. reMarkable 

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Denizen creates 100% recyclable work pods that meet the demands of modern work

Designed for privacy and concentration, Denizen’s work booths help create a secluded and private work environment Californian office pod provider Denizen leverages advanced technology such

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Creating a private and secure workplace in the metaverse

The metaverse is one of the latest technologies sweeping across the business world In the midst of the pandemic, many companies thought the physical office


Inside LinkedIn’s London headquarters

A year ago, LinkedIn decided to move its London headquarters from Oxford Circus to Farringdon, taking over The Ray Farringdon, the former offices of The


Inside Vodafone’s London HQ, the Internet of Things is key to improving wellbeing

Now more than ever, data drives us forward. Today, in offices across the world businesses work with more information at their fingertips than we could


Data-driven workplaces will change the face of office design

The impact of your workplace decision-making is far reaching and can often have substantial financial implications. Getting your workspace right can be a gamechanger for


Quality water provision with peace of mind for office managers nationwide

From responsive lighting and interactive break rooms to instant filtered drinking water systems, modern offices are full of mod-cons designed to make employees’ work-life as

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Inside OnOffice August: XYZ Issue, about technology and generational change at work

Time-travel into the distant future or long-gone past as you flick through our XYZ issue, spanning past, present and future of office design. Highlighting the

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One Year In: Inside Fuse, the innovation hub of law firm Allen & Overy

Jump Studios designed a collaborative new space for Fuse, the tech innovation project within law firm Allen & Overy. We find out how it’s working,



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