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Design brands TASK, Marelli and ICF form a close-knit family across borders

The location of a brand can make or break a business; even with the readiness and instant accessibility of the digital world, consumers still require


Pelvic rotation in the office

Products designed especially for women normally make me a bit sceptical. Probably because in most cases it means a bright pink version of the exactly


Shawn Littrell

It’s all about the materials with Shawn Littrell. Starting out with a range of carbon-fibre road bikes at the start of his career, his most

Syringe benifits

Syringe benefits

Words by Michael Willoughby British firm Scott Brownrigg Interior Design has created the new offices for medical company BD in Oxford. Michael Willoughby went to

frederick taylor


By Mark Eltringham Taylorism, or “scientific management”, refers to American engineer Frederick W Taylor’s ideas to improve productivity in factories at the beginning of the



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