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Amy Young|||

Design trip: the office in a foodtruck touring California

What if design were a catalyst for change? And what if you could push the boundaries of agile working, hit the proverbial road, and activate


The Urban Issue: Inside the OnOffice September edition

No good architecture has ever existed in a vacuum. Frankly, I could sit here and write a 5,000-word dissertation on what exactly makes good architecture,


Acxiom’s corporate cultural shift by Studio O+A

San Francisco-based interior design firm Studio O+A is an integral part of the tech-workplace design story. Set up in the early 1990s, it helped spearhead


Uber hails new workplace of ‘neighbourhoods’

SHoP architects and Studio O+A have revealed designs for taxi company Uber’s new San Francisco headquarters. The 39,297sq m proposed scheme features two glass buildings


Uber’s San Fran HQ by Studio O+A

Minicab companies aren’t generally known for having plush offices. Cramped corridors with Formica tables, a couple of chairs – maybe a pull-out poster adorning the

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Facebook’s Palo Alto offices by Studio O+A

Facebook’s rough and ready HQ in downtown Palo Alto shows the company is determined to stay true to its roots  Tucked away 35 miles south



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