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Benny Chan/Fotoworks|Benny Chan/Fotoworks|Benny Chan/Fotoworks|Benny Chan/Fotoworks|Benny Chan/Fotoworks|Benny Chan/Fotoworks||

Fox Head HQ by Clive Wilkinson Architects

In Irvine, California, crouches a matt grey monolith. Ingress is through a gaping red orifice whose shaped was inspired by a motocross helmet. California, land

Stephane Groleau|Stephane Groleau||

Dan Hanganu transforms 1960s church into library

Designed by architect Jean-Marie Roy in 1964, this church in Sainte-Foy, a suburb of Quebec City, had become vacant in recent years, so the city

Luis Fonseca|Luis Fonseca|Ivan Brodey|Ivan Brodey|Luis Fonseca|Luis Fonseca|Luis Fonseca|Luis Fonseca|Ivan Brodey||

A-Lab’s super stack for Statoil

To quote that singular thespian of our times, Keanu Reeves, “Whoa!” Ordinarily, it’s skyscrapers that stupefy, at least in the workplace design world, but A-Lab’s

Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters|Christian Richters||

Q1 by JSWD Architekten

Essen in western Germany evokes memories of a vaunted industrial past. Home to the defunct Zollverein Industrial Complex, a coal mine turned World Heritage Site,


Media-TIC building by Cloud 9

Cloud 9 turned to digital design to create a high-tech flagship building in Barcelona’s technological district Sustainable architecture tends to come in two guises. The

Gurkan Akay|Gurkan Akay|Gurkan Akay|Gurkan Akay|Gurkan Akay||||

Turkish Association of Notaries HQ

MuuM Architects took inspiration from traditional Anatolian architecture to design a new HQ for the Turkish Association of Notaries Ask anyone in the private sector


Unilever HQ by Behnisch Architekten

On the banks of the River Elbe, Behnisch Architekten’s award-winning Hamburg office for Unilever blurs the boundary between public and private space Stop me if

Martine Hamilton Knight||||||

Architecture firm BDP’s Manchester HQ

In an attempt to reinvent itself as a less ‘corporate’ entity, architectural and engineering practice BDP has designed itself a building of two contrasting halves

Marcelo Cáceres||||||||

Pullpo’s Chilean HQ by Hania Stambuk

A disused salt factory in the Chilean capital houses a multifuctional space for creative agency Pullpo Pullpo is a production centre, design agency and photography

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Aberystwyth Arts Centre by Heatherwick Studio

Wales is determined to nurture its creative industries and turned to Heatherwick Studio for help in creating spaces for them to thrive  When traditional industries



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