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Fritz Hansen Stay is a pop-up hotel for design-savvy travellers

In central Seoul, Fritz Hansen has collaborated with Jamyungseosil to offer its first Fritz Hansen Stay overnight experience Seoul has long been admired for its shimmering skyline, world-class hotels and culinary

Photography by Hong Sung Jun, courtesy of OMA|||

OMA’s Galleria might be the department store of the future

Resembling an upturned block of soil studded with glittering rock crystals, OMA’s new department store might be the most eccentric retail building yet erected. The


Penson builds blade-like skyscraper for Korea’s tallest building

“We’re pretty proud that we’ve done something of this scale,” says Penson CEO and founder Lee Penson of the 23 floors the London practice has


A bulging building for a tight space, Seoul

Archium’s Gilmosery office building in the affluent residential district of Seocho in Seoul, South Korea, overcomes planning restrictions on floor space and height with its

Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin|Kyungsub Shin||

Korea’s Daum HQ by Mass Studies

Jeju island, a volcanic island province of South Korea once popular as a honeymoon destination, is set to become Korea’s answer to Silicon Valley, with



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