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Why a lack of sleep can have a serious impact on your work life

Sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley explains why getting enough shut-eye is important for your career Over the years occupational medicine has demonstrated the importance and


Sleeping on the job? Napping is no longer taboo

The roots of my co-working collective go back to 1998. Ergo, while we may have been spring chickens back then, we’re now longer in the


Wellness at work starts with a good night’s sleep

Recently, experiments on the topic of sleep have been streaming into the headlines. As part of a growing focus on wellbeing throughout the entire workplace


Top names in hotel design at Sleep 2014

Restaurateur Jeremy King, one half of Corbin & King, has been announced as the keynote speaker for the Sleep 2014 conference, part of annual hotel


Time for Sleep

Kelly Hoppen, BDP and The Hickson Design Partnership will create room concepts for this year’s Sleep Hotel installation at hospitality design show Sleep. The three



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