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10 ways to encourage physical movement in the office

Getting people moving is a key characteristic of a healthy office. Like cities over-reliant on cars, offices that depend on lifts can be less productive


Lancaster University library by Sheppard Robson

Tasked with uniting the original 1960s library at Lancaster University with a later extension, architecture firm Sheppard Robson has both connected the space to its


Sheppard Robson tackles tricky site in Clerkenwell hub

Sheppard Robson has released plans for a mixed-use building based on a “very challenging site”. The architects were presented with a long, narrow, sloping site


BDP’s colourful ‘arts college in a shed’

A massive shed containing a rolling landscape of colourful structures, BDP’s St John Bosco Arts College in Croxteth provides both adaptability and impact on a


Sheppard Robson’s ‘mini-metropolis’ school

Sheppard Robson’s bright, open-plan scheme for an Everton college marks the continuing decline of the school corridor For Notre Dame Catholic College‘s new environs, Sheppard


Geometric roof pavilion for Aldwych House

London-based architect Sheppard Robson has won planning for a pavilion-like structure on the roof of Aldwych House, which will add almost 800sq m of office


Siemens’ office by Sheppard Robson

Seward’s Success was a planned city proposed for Prudhoe Bay in Alaska following the discovery of oil there in 1968. The radical plans, commissioned by Tandy Industries of

Hufton + Crow|Hufton + Crow|David Ardill||

St Ambrose College by Sheppard Robson

Sheppard Robson dispenses with tradition and designs a concentric school layout without corridors Openness and inclusivity aren’t words universally associated with school life, but at

Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce|Gareth Gardner/ Will Pryce||

BBC moves North

Bringing readers the story of this BBC North project in Salford has been a long time coming. onoffice visited way back in May, when, to


One Mitre Square wins planning

London-based architects Sheppard Robson has won planning for a 20-storey office building on a prominent site at One Mitre Square, Aldgate, in the City of



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