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Hayward Gallery: Brutalist landmark reopens

London’s Hayward Gallery, one of the city’s brutalist landmarks, has returned after a two-year renovation closure. On a rather blistering and cold winter’s morning, a


Aircharge Executive wireless charger: Grant Gibson reviews

No one could have predicted quite how the iPhone would come to dominate our lives in the decade or so since its launch. Famously it


Radical Matters: FranklinTill on the future of sustainable materials

By looking into shit, hair, dust, soot, soya, and sawdust as material alternatives, Radical Matter presents various projects and innovations from a vast ranging selection


Grant Gibson on: Håg’s Capisco chair by Peter Opsvik

I’ve been sitting on Håg’s Capisco for a little over three days now and something rather unexpected has happened. I’m beginning to like it. The chair,


Grant Gibson reviews the Checkpoint Bag by Disarming Design From Palestine

It seems that every major city on the planet now has a design festival. In the past this column has been critical of the homogenising


Interieur review

This biennial Belgian design show is now in its 25th edition, having begun life in that year of revolution 1968. Interieur, a short hop over


Grant Gibson reviews Koleksiyon’s Oblivion

In the 50 or so issues I’ve been writing this column I haven’t come across a product that has arrived with as much of a



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