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Birmingham: how Britain’s second city is making a comeback

Birmingham has always struggled with its image – its brutalist architecture gazing down on a network of ring roads, underpasses and flyovers criss-crossing the city


Meanwhile spaces: Buildings in transition

If you just look at the statistics, things aren’t looking great for London’s creative communities. Greater London Authority (GLA) workspace research in 2014 showed a


Birmingham means business: City regeneration underway

Birmingham, the UK’s largest and most populous city outside London, was previously known as a centre of industry – ‘the city of a thousand trades


Regeneration game: picking up the pieces

Economic boomtimes brought with them a wave of regeneration schemes across the country. But now the party is over – and with the public coffers


Hope in Hull

Ten years ago, announcers on the trains pulling into the city used to say “This. Is. Hull” in such a resigned tone that visitors could



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