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Apricity is the perfect spot for a business lunch in the capital

Celebrating conscious cooking and sustainable design, Apricity’s build and furniture have all been created in keeping with the concept of the circular economy Apricity, a


Green innovations: 5 materials for circular and sustainable design

From cladding made from CO2 waste to recycled paper tiles, there is no shortage of intelligent green materials today – OnOffice has selected some of

Hester van Dijk|||

The designers trying to make guilt-free plastic products

The idea of guilt in conjunction with single-use plastics is an easy one to grasp. A huge rise in public awareness of the plastic problem


Kvadrat and Georgina Wright’s upcycled fabric

Danish brand Kvadrat has launched a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, designed by British textile designer Georgina Wright. Revive 1 and Revive 2 are


Cycle desks to become the next health craze?

Following the popularity of standing desks and the hilarity of treadmill desks, WeWATT has come up with a desk/exercise bicycle hybrid, allowing people to pedal


PKMN creates eco hub in industrial building

PKMN’s imaginative approach to rennovating an old industrial building in the Basque-region of Spain, turning it into a centre for sustainable business, resulted in a


Recession renaissance

Recession times are here again and our always innovative designers are dripping in new found austerity chic. onoffice profiles the most innovative resued and recycled



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