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Max Lamb: Marble, metal, wood – and now recycled textile boards

Max Lamb is a master of materiality. It’s no surprise then, that Really – a startup from Copenhagen that is now majority-owned by Danish textile giant


Otto Block HQ by Gnädinger Architekten

Gnädinger Architekten has put its stamp on Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz with a futuristic cube for prosthetic limb developer Otto Bock  Since Berlin’s reunification, the development


Great Dane: designer Søren Rose

Multi-tasker extraordinaire Søren Rose brings his far-reaching design experience to the workplace with the completion of a Copenhagen office It’s hard to put your finger

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Wieden+Kennedy by Featherstone Young

Faced with outgrowing its beloved East End office, creative agency Wieden+Kennedy opted to expand to an industrial site across the road London advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has

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FK Photography studio by Epoch Design

Both residential and retail design have inspired FK Photography’s multi-functional studio, a century-old warehouse in St Louis Epoch Design Group is mainly a retail/ commercial


Cannon Design’s St.Louis HQ

A disused steam power plant in downtown St Louis is transformed into a gem of a modern office When pondering America’s coolest cities, St Louis


Peachy keen

Amsterdam offers up a curious juxtaposition: on one hand, there is contemporary design and a thriving creative industry. On the other, of course, the tawdry


Truck loads of style

The warehouse district in downtown Toronto is cool. Not crowded with suits and shoppers, its streets are the domain of young urbanites and the places


Dressed for success

Diane von Furstenberg, the fashion designer credited with what is possibly the most flattering garment on earth (the wrap dress – a wondrous invention), has


In praise of the everyday

It might seem strange, but in the riot of competing egos and jostling brands that constituted this year’s Milan furniture fair, it wasn’t an aeroplane



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