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BuzziPlanter brings nature into the workplace

The upholstered colourful pot has the acoustic superpower to absorb excessive noise in open spaces Belgian company BuzziSpace has recently unveiled its new BuzziPlanter, a


5 ways houseplants support health and wellbeing at work

Fed by Instagram trends, millennials, and the recent lockdown, indoor gardening has been enjoying a major boost in popularity Whilst we know how much character


USM introduces A New World of Plants to its timeless collection

The new range of plant accessories bring nature into the heart of homes and workspaces Swiss design firm USM has introduced a new range of


Padova-based firm Floora turns office floors into green spaces

This flexible and customisable system brings the beauty and benefits of nature to the workplace Biophilia has long been recognised as a key element in

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The new green age of workplace design

Environmental concerns are now dominating the business agenda for real estate. Investors, occupiers and developers are all increasingly making sustainability and ESG top priorities. In

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Why having plants in the workspace is great for improving mood

It’s proven that more time spent in nature has major benefits, from productivity to mental wellbeing. Unfortunately for most of us, the spaces we inhabit,

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Living walls: Growing a greener nine to five

Biophilic design plays on the inherent human need to be connected to nature, with plants and natural resources proven to have a positive impact on


Brooklyn New Lab

At the beginning of the last century, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was the epicentre of technology: it played a big role in both world wars,


Greens are good for you

Office plants are as varied as the companies that install them. From the humble spider-plant to grand tropical trees, greenery in the workplace is the


Vegging Out

Plants promote productivity and reduce anxiety, as Indigo Clarke discovers By Indigo Clarke We all know that they can brighten up the office, but there



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