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Hill Partnerships and PTEa|||||||

Hill Partnerships HQ by PTEa

PTEa contends with deer and newts to create a stellar revamp of an 18th-century gunpowder mill   There’s an almost irresistible temptation when writing about


Warnford Court by Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg’s eye-catching revamp of Warnford Court points the way to a new generation of serviced office space Traditionally, serviced offices were not the sorts


Stantec revamps its Toronto HQ

“Multi-tasking consultancy Stantec overhauls a former sock factory in Toronto Oh Canada, so sensible and pragmatic, you shame us with your functional healthcare for all,


Solar UK by Richard Boswell Associates

Geoff Fox was browsing ebay for scrap metal one evening when he stumbled across a disused building for sale. The owners were stunned when his



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