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Jenny Regan|||

Did your office interior ever look like this?

If the office is no longer spatial, what has it become? Ripe with potential, this is the question that lies at the heart of Out

Pernille Loof|||

OnOffice curates: Object & Thing

Vivid hues, quirky forms and fine craftsmanship set the mood for Brooklyn’s lavish exhibit Object & Thing, from May 3rd-5th. Reimagining the relationship between art


Master of minimalism: Naoto Fukasawa

His products may be steeped in conceptual theory and philosophy, but prolific Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa really just wants to make people feel good  In


Recession renaissance

Recession times are here again and our always innovative designers are dripping in new found austerity chic. onoffice profiles the most innovative resued and recycled


In praise of the everyday

It might seem strange, but in the riot of competing egos and jostling brands that constituted this year’s Milan furniture fair, it wasn’t an aeroplane


Light and Breezy

Words by Kerstin Zumstein Monica Förster is one of Sweden’s most celebrated designers, and in the last five years she has risen to international fame



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