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Acxiom’s corporate cultural shift by Studio O+A

San Francisco-based interior design firm Studio O+A is an integral part of the tech-workplace design story. Set up in the early 1990s, it helped spearhead


Capital One Labs’ HQ, by Studio O+A

Capitol One Labs’ new office, designed by Studio O+A, marks a departure from the typical corporate space with pops of neon colour, raw finishes and

||semi-private pods for chess or chatting|||||||

A vertical campus for Yelp’s San Francisco HQ

O+A creates a neighbourhood in an office tower for Yelp’s HQ in San Francisco. When urban review website Yelp outgrew its San Francisco HQ, it wanted

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Giant Pixel office by O+A

Studio O + A takes inspiration from 1960s sci-fi films and mixed it with a raw workshop aesthetic to create Giant Pixel’s first office.  The

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Facebook’s Palo Alto offices by Studio O+A

Facebook’s rough and ready HQ in downtown Palo Alto shows the company is determined to stay true to its roots  Tucked away 35 miles south



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