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Hamran’s Under collection highlights the natural qualities of timber

Housed in a partially submerged concrete building designed by the Oslo-based international architects Snøhetta, Under is Europe’s first underwater restaurant.  The Under collection includes chairs,


Norwegian Presence brings the country’s design scene to Milan

In two weeks time, the Norwegian Presence exhibition will converge in Milan to showcase the best of the country’s contemporary craft and design scene. Held


Reiulf Ramstad’s angular church in Knarvik, Norway

 Shooting up and out from its fjord landscape, Reiulf Ramstad’s angular church in the Norwegian town of Knarvik looks modern, but has firm roots in


Haptic designs HQ for Oslo’s oldest shipbuilders

Aker Brygge, Oslo’s old shipbuilding zone, was gentrified in the 1980s, turning it into a busy waterfront shopping, office and residential district, but it was

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A-Lab’s super stack for Statoil

To quote that singular thespian of our times, Keanu Reeves, “Whoa!” Ordinarily, it’s skyscrapers that stupefy, at least in the workplace design world, but A-Lab’s

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Netlife’s Urban Forest

Internet companies are vague and mysterious entities: it can be hard to work out what they actually do. Architects seem to be aware of this


Norwegian new wave

It’s never hogged the spotlight like its Scandi neighbours, but Norway has its own design traditions to shout about. onoffice payed a fjord-filled visit to



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