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New facades: offices with smart skins

An innovative facade makes for smarter, more expressive architecture. Here’s how three new landmark office developments are working hard from the outside in Public engagement


City campuses by O’Donnell + Tuomey, SOM and Morphosis

The urban student experience can be disjointed, with work, rest and play located miles apart, but new university buildings are boosting community values  Attending university

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Stonehenge visitor’s centre

Stonehenge’s visitor’s centre is finally open. What’s three decades of planning compared to the 5,000-year-old site it supports? Following a gestation period that seemed as

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Walmart, São Paulo by Estudio Guto Requena

Estudio Guto Requena has taken inspiration from Brazilian culture for Wallmart’s São Paulo HQ Tech start-ups with the cool factor turned up to 11 are

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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ Sydney tower

There are few symbols that demonstrate corporate power more effectively than an office tower. For the puffed up worlds of finance and law, a purpose-built, spanking


Boulay school by Paul Le Quernec

With bright yellow rooms that fan out from a protected central hub, this nursery school brings more than a touch of sunshine to a rainy

Hufton + Crow/ David Cadzow|Hufton + Crow/ David Cadzow|Hufton + Crow/ David Cadzow|Hufton + Crow/ David Cadzow|Hufton + Crow/ David Cadzow||

FaulknerBrowns puts Rochdale on the map

It’s a dismal, soggy day when onoffice makes the trip to Rochdale’s new council headquarters, but inside – if it weren’t for the rain lashing

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WWF-UK by Hopkins Architects

Hopkins Architects has made public space a priority for WWF’s new UK headquarters  On first impressions, Woking seems an unlikely place to find the World

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Hasselt Court of Justice by J Mayer H

Inspired by the shape of a hazelnut tree, and imbued with a little 1970s swagger, Hasselt’s Court of Justice cuts a distinctive dash The distinctive


Foster + Partners and Heatherwick in Shanghai

Foster + Partners and Heatherwick Studio have revealed joint designs for the Bund Finance Centre (BFC) in Shanghai. The 420,000sq m mixed-use development comprises eight



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