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Canary Wharf: Past, Present, Future

A year on from the 20th anniversary of breaking ground in the Docklands, Elizabeth Choppin observes how the development came about , and what –

BAE Systems|||||||

BAE Systems HQ by Capita Symonds

A folded Post-it note provided unlikely design inspiration for major defence company BAE Systems’ new building “It’s like BAE Systems’ living room,” says project architect


Microsoft’s Dutch HQ by Sevil Peach

Microsoft embarks on a radical no designated desk, no set working hours experiment in its new Dutch HQ  For some, the deep-rooted power of a

Ed Reeve|||||||||||

Creative crunch: designers weigh in on the times

Kerstin Zumstein roams the streets of Milan during Design week and asks designers what they think the lasting effects of the financial crisis will be


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Luke Pearson

Q: PearsonLloyd seems particularly interested in creating furniture for the shared work environment. Why? (more…)


Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik is hopping from foot to foot as he talks, gesturing enthusiastically. He is making a point that is absolutely central to his work:


An Englishman in Milan

Words by Grant Gibson The London-born designer responsible for products from bottle openers to buses for the likes of Olivetti, Danese, Magis and B&B Italia

come to your senses

Come to your senses

German interior designer Yasmine Mahmoudieh is a visionary who goes beyond vision. She experiments with colour, scent and touch, merging psychology with design. Kerstin Zumstein


Pillet Royale

Kerstin Zumstein travelled to French designer Christophe Pillet’s smoke-filled Paris studio to talk about doing away with office furniture, designs that inspire love… and 007



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