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Pauliina Salonen|||

JKMM Architects create Finland’s first carbon neutral office building

Built to house 1800 Kesko employees, the modern building – designed by JKMM Architects – is Finland’s first office to go carbon neutral in its


Creative tile ideas for modern office design

Make your workplace stand out from the pack – and work for you and your team – with these fresh tile ideas. For decades, practicality

Simone Hutsch|||

What is modern design? Contemporary innovation or a rationalist industrial aesthetic?

In OnOffice’s Modern Issue, it seems somehow appropriate to question the basis of modernity itself. What is modern? Is it all about what is cutting-edge

Yuya Hata|||

London architecture’s biggest success is in retrofit – combining the old with the new

The English don’t have much architecture to call their own. We borrowed the Romanesque, the Gothic and the classical from others. We adapted terraced housing


Danish law firm Horten’s new HQ by 3XN

3XN combined innovative technology with a classical sensibility to create a new headquarters for Danish law firm Horten Leaving their old HQ cannot have been


Cannon Design’s St.Louis HQ

A disused steam power plant in downtown St Louis is transformed into a gem of a modern office When pondering America’s coolest cities, St Louis


Club class

For many of us, the phrase “gentlemen’s club” conjures up images of men in smoking jackets drinking aged malt whisky, puffing Cuban cigars – perhaps


Centre of attention

The first rule of the new VIP-centre at Schiphol Airport is that strictly no celebrities are allowed. While this no-nonsense attitude might apply to the

frederick taylor


By Mark Eltringham Taylorism, or “scientific management”, refers to American engineer Frederick W Taylor’s ideas to improve productivity in factories at the beginning of the



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