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Red Hot: VSHD Design fuse brutalism and cosmic lighting at The Spring Warehouse Gym

The design studio unveiled its work for the third opening of the supremely stylish Warehouse Gym in Dubai Drawing on the aesthetics of the underground


Work vs leisure: striking the balance of amenities in the office

As work becomes more flexible and the boundary between work and life more fluid, mobile workers often perform tasks that require high concentration not only

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Inside OnOffice December: The Leisure Issue, on the future of hospitality

Check in. Check out. Our Leisure Issue marks the 150th issue of OnOffice. Featuring our annual Hotel Special, in which we explore the latest hotel


Inside OnOffice December: The Leisure Issue

Borrowing from the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon whereby something that has recently come to your attention now seems to be everywhere, once the word ‘experience’ sprung up



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