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Grenfell Tower: Questions of liability

While the Grenfell Tower disaster relates directly to high-rise residential buildings, the tragic events undoubtedly raise questions and concerns over commercial properties too. The design


Cut copying now, not later, says Dids Macdonald

ACID CEO Dids Macdonald writes on changes in copyright law that could shake up the industry, which she says can’t come a moment too soon


Double standard

One man’s fake is another man’s replica. As the furore of over UK copyright laws has morphed into tangible reform, are designers about to get


Danish law firm Horten’s new HQ by 3XN

3XN combined innovative technology with a classical sensibility to create a new headquarters for Danish law firm Horten Leaving their old HQ cannot have been

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Reed Smith’s London HQ by Gensler

One of the world’s largest law firms, Reed Smith, calls in Gensler to create a crisp, clean workplace up in the clouds When US law


N Rose by LG’s Southwark Frame

Two law firms, one development, one architect, one interior architect – two different results. Norton Rose In 1929, the (frequently impractical) German architect Bruno Taut



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