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Tim Crocker and Timothy Soar|||

Taking shapes: 80–100 Victoria Street by Edge Architecture and Design

It’s one thing to have an impressive office space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ticking the corporate social responsibility boxes as well as

Hufton + Crow x3|||Hufton + Crow x3|Hufton + Crow x3|Hufton + Crow x3||

62 Buckingham Gate vs. The Buckley Building

The internet transformed the way we lead our lives completely and permanently. Suddenly, everything from groceries to a package holiday to Marbella was no more


One New Change

Behold One New Change, the gargantuan office and retail complex by Jean Nouvel and Sidell Gibson architects located in the heart of the City of

Lie-Ins And Tigers|||||||||||||

Controversial maverick: Rafael Viñoly

The challenge of creating a shift in people’s perception of what’s acceptable in a city’s skyline is well known to master architect Rafael Viñoly, who



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