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black sculptural outdoor office - onoffice

8 back-garden offices designed for home-working

These bespoke outdoor buildings have been designed with working from home in mind, elevating the concept of the garden office to new design heights With

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Home offices: Designing clever, designing better

While agile working and its benefits were part of the norm for most office‐based businesses pre‐Covid, no one expected a pandemic to come along and


The home working experiment: how office use may change post COVID-19

In addition to the tragic toll on human life, the onset of COVID-19 has forced many of us to quickly adapt to remote working. Although


Actiu’s 10 essential tips for working remotely

Sometimes external factors force companies, of all sectors and sizes, to change their working methods and adapt by, for example, implementing teleworking. A trend that


Pallavi Dean on remote working and the future of office design

There is a sense of solidarity in the industry, but it’s something that is happening informally, through phone calls and messages – not some grand


3 self-care tips for working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Once the initial IT headaches have passed and you’re used to communicating over apps, you’ll find that working from home can bring many pleasures. As


Five storage ideas for your home office

As well as making you more organised and efficient, the right storage spaces can make your office appear clutter-free and attractive. Here are five storage


Modular desk by Francois Dransart

{vimeo}77556564{/vimeo} French design student Francois Dransart has designed a desk concept with built-in interchangeable modules for organising specific desktop items. The young designer launched his



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