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Opinion: Grant Gibson on Hitch Mylius’ HM221

Floor-level seating might suggest that comfort is falling down the pecking order, but Hitch Mylius’ latest taps into a trend that you’re probably too old


Kazuko Okamoto for Hitch Mylius

A stalwart of the British manufacturing scene, Hitch Mylius is launching the hm78 chair, made in its factory in Enfield. Clusters of chairs can be


Kenneth Grange profile: A man facing forward

Sir Kenneth Grange talks to onoffice about Kenwood, Kodak and the unprecedented success of Ikea “I came at this project with a great deal of

Edgar Hoffmann||||||||

Simon Pengelly – It’s all so quiet

Simon Pengelly’s knack for intelligently simple and subtle products is based on pragmatism and a love for manufacturing  Unlike many designers for whom style reigns



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