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Pauliina Salonen|||

JKMM Architects create Finland’s first carbon neutral office building

Built to house 1800 Kesko employees, the modern building – designed by JKMM Architects – is Finland’s first office to go carbon neutral in its


Finland is proof that investing in libraries pays off

Are Finland’s libraries undermining the country’s co‑working offers? That’s not to suggest that co-working isn’t a thing there. Since this column visited Mothership of Work’s


Inside OnOffice February: The Scandi Issue

As the new year settles in with force and the holidays whittle away into a distant memory, we cosy up with a heavy dose of

Marko Huttunen|||

Arppeanum building, Helsinki, by Davidsson Tarkela

One of the most grandiose historic buildings in Helsinki has now become the workplace of around 175 Finnish civil servants. The staff work for the



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