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Hip and Healthy: The super snacks to stash at your desk

Snack smart from 9-5 with our pick of nutritious nibbles and the stylish accessories to keep them fresh Whether you’re reaching for the biscuits during that 4pm


Perkins and Will’s Toronto office is designed for a healthy workplace and culture

Andrew Frontini, design director and principal at Perkins and Will’s Toronto studio, shares the design strategy behind their office space When Perkins and Will had

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How to eat yourself happy at work

Sophie Higgins, a holistic nutritional therapist and yoga teacherWhether this resonates with you in a big way, or a small way, it is fascinating how

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How design can take corporate wellbeing to the next level

The debate on mental health has come a long way over the past few years. Mental Health Awareness Week, which took place last week, is

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Healthy building: Why do we treat our food better than our own health?

At this time of year, many of us suffer with allergies. But, according to Allergy UK, over 9,000 deaths in the UK each year are


This new coworking space in east London is designed around the psychology of work

The latest addition to Uncommon’s selection of creative coworking spaces dotted around the capital, has been designed with a strict set of criteria related to


A happier workforce? There’s a tenant experience app for that

Living in the second decade of the 21st century we are right to expect a lot from our workplaces. With the amount of data we’re


Wellbeing at work has become vital to good office design

When it comes to the workplace, productivity has traditionally been the watchword. Historically, designs were meant to optimise output like in an open-plan factory, but


Healthy offices: why employers should be pushing for more standing room in the workplace

Modern office workers spend about half of their waking hours in their workspace, that is more than ever before. While there are still plenty of



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