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Why purpose is key to successful businesses – and how you can find it

Norwegian design agency Mission has just unveiled its latest tome titled Point of Purpose: How purposeful brands attract top employees, seduce customers and fuel profit, catered to


Play off: The JOIE table football designed by Michele Giacopini

Established back in 2006 by Michele Giacopini, Giacopini initially began as a metalwork specialist. By 2018, however, the visionary teamed up with creative consultancy MM Company to conceive Giacopini the brand, which

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The open-plan office isn’t the enemy – it’s how we use it that matters

For decades the trend among workplaces has seen employees moving out of individual offices and into open-plan spaces. This has not always been successful, with


Is arbejsglaede the new hygge? Meet the Danish idea all about being happy at work

Ahead of the British Council for Offices conference in Copenhagen, we learn more about the Danish concept of arbejdsglæde Arbejdsglæde(ah-bites-gleh-the) is not an easy word to

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The country with the happiest workforce also has high levels of trust and equality in staff

Technology companies are well known for their work perks – and with free lunches, game rooms, pets in the office and free beer on Fridays,

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The benefits of art in commercial offices

The seismic shift in the way we work has made the last decade feel as though many businesses are finally focused on their most important


Happiness in the workplace

The New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index taught us that income and wellbeing are not intrinsically linked – and now the thinktank is outing its



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