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Abu Dhabi: the new jewel of the Middle East

Abu Dhabi has replaced Dubai as the booming centre for construction of office and commercial space. Michael Willoughby explains why  When Dubai property developer Nakheel,

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Shine Group HQ by Blue Bottle Design

A former school chapel that’s now a shiny new space for a TV production company With its grey and white colour palette, acres of glass


Quietly proud

Ssssh, be quiet! This is an art gallery, isn’t it? The overwhelming feeling upon entering the revamped ground floor of Cassini House in St James’s


Growth engine

The lobby of 60 Great Portland Street bears the unmistakable mark of Jump Studios, the architecture and design firm that seems to have made a


The same but different

Nokia’s UK design team had become increasingly frustrated with its Farnborough location – it may be useful to be alongside the other company divisions, but

Merlin Studio

Wax lyrical

It’s not every day a girl finds herself alone in a room with Mr Brad Pitt. Add Johnny Depp, Boris Becker and Robbie Williams lounging



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