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The impact of hospitality on the office

Why are our office spaces increasingly influenced by hospitality and what can we expect next? James White, co-founder of MAWD interior architects, walks us through

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How tech drives office evolution

Morgan Lovell’s head of design looks at how the office evolved along with contemporary technology – and what is yet to come Technology is and


Vitra Sessions returns today exploring how offices, homes and public spaces are evolving

The Vitra Sessions are a series of short digital events that bring together expert keynotes from people working across different disciplines and industries Swiss furniture

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Creating a private and secure workplace in the metaverse

The metaverse is one of the latest technologies sweeping across the business world In the midst of the pandemic, many companies thought the physical office

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Are destination offices the new norm?

The workplace team at Todd Architects explain why ‘destination offices’ are quickly becoming a top trend within workplace design with increased emphasis on hybrid working

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BDG repositions Sea Containers London with Future Work installation and research hub

Workplace specialists BDG architecture + design defines the future of the office with a reconfiguration of its award-winning space at the iconic Sea Containers building on


Bringing home into the workplace: Why offices are embracing domestic design

The blurring of home/office as a work location has become undeniably accelerated Work anywhere technologies have recently empowered staff to be highly productive away from


Four insights from the workplace of the future

Woods Bagot’s Workplace Interiors Global Leader has been helping companies adjust to the post-Covid landscape What’s Next? Employees are questioning the need to ever return



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