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The benefits of a four-day work week

As the UK launches a four-day work week pilot, a six-month long programme beginning in June with around 30 businesses participating, we explore the benefits


Living research on hybrid workplace design

LPA designers use San Jose studio as a case study to explore design that incorporates remote working, increases mobility and brings new value to the


How can we design spaces today that will influence a better tomorrow for everyone?

Conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusivity have been ongoing ever since a series of movements and events shed light on the societal gap. The built


The 7 habits of a highly effective workplace strategy

As we all wrestle with hybrid ways of working, Instant’s predictions this year focus on how we can make this new approach habitual So many


Is home working too homely?

Survey shows more than half of us are still working from kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms A survey of 1,000 UK employees, which was conducted by


Workers feel more trusted and motivated thanks to hybrid working

New research shows office workers’ professional lives have improved since gaining greater autonomy over their working week New research from Kadence has revealed that after a


What can the workplace learn from lockdown?

National design firm Hames Sharley surveyed all staff across its six studios to investigate the impact of working from home and the lessons that could


What employers can learn from urban planners

As more people are vaccinated and offices are opening up again, employers face a delicate challenge – not all employees want to return Recent surveys


Reimagining the office of the future in a post-pandemic world

Head of International Design Studio at WeWork, Franquibel Lima, shares his thoughts on what the office should look like now Across the globe, working trends


Design key to rejuvenating out-of-town business parks

Why designers play a vital role in rejuvenating our deteriorating, out-of-town business parks for the long-term Apt have been reflecting over the last 12 months



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