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Lessons learnt from London, a City of Talent

Graduating at the peak of the 2008 financial crisis was challenging. It was clear to me that, to get anywhere in my career, I would

Yvonne Young|||

Why the design materials of the future include orange peel and peanut shells

Following his talk at UKCW last October, Graham Brown, director at Envelope Architects, shares how design can save the planet How would you define British


Whitechapel Gallery launches a new exhibition: Is This Tomorrow?

The Whitechapel Gallery in London’s East End has launched a new exhibition titled Is This Tomorrow?, where a group of 30 renowned artists and architects share their


Gill Parker on opportunities in a downturn

Gill Parker, joint managing director of BDGworkfutures, explains how office design can aid staff morale while we wait for the tide to turn. Major downturns in


A force for change

Kerstin Zumstein asks Phil Hutchinson, joint managing director of design consultancy BDGworkfutures, to look into the crystal ball of workplace developments Where and when were

Anab Jain

Futurescapes of Work

FUTURESCAPES OF WORK A DOCUMENTARY FROM 2012 Interaction designer Anab Jain has created a frank vision of future working practices. Welcome to Little Brinkland …



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