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black sculptural outdoor office - onoffice

8 back-garden offices designed for home-working

These bespoke outdoor buildings have been designed with working from home in mind, elevating the concept of the garden office to new design heights With


The Office Group opens 40th workspace in the UK

Marking the 40th building opened in the UK as part of The Office Group (TOG), United House is a new flexible workspace just a few


Design District project to offer On/Off office leasing in response to COVID-19

With expectation and demand for physical office space changing in the course of just a few months, many office providers are going to need to


Weston Williamson illustrates its back to work concepts

While a widescale return of employees to offices appears to be on an interdetermined timeline at present, businesses are beginning to imagine what the new

Anna Shvets|||

Is the hot-desking project over?

While, in general, the media frames the intangible countdown to the end of lockdown as celebratory, as if a release from an unjust prison sentence,

Sonya Winner Studio|||

Home offices: Designing clever, designing better

While agile working and its benefits were part of the norm for most office‐based businesses pre‐Covid, no one expected a pandemic to come along and


Work vs leisure: striking the balance of amenities in the office

As work becomes more flexible and the boundary between work and life more fluid, mobile workers often perform tasks that require high concentration not only

Gensler/ Storey|||

Storey reveal first Storey Club flexible working space in Paddington Central

Storey launched back in 2017 with the aim of providing flexible workspaces for growing businesses and this 10,000 sq ft. space marks the company’s first ‘Storey


Five simple ways businesses can promote health at work

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Facilities managers, designers and office architects have long known that creating a positive work environment can boost a business’ overall performance. To do

Abbie Bernet|||

What is burnout and why does it matter?

As awareness about the impact of the workplace on mental health grows, conversations about the office environment are increasingly putting wellbeing at the centre. One



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