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Hotbox Storage Ltd.|||

“Agile working reflects my personality”: a conversation with the innovator behind Hotbox Storage

On a break with… Jamie Rothwell, the managing director of office storage innovator Hotbox In a new online series, we interview designers, strategists and other

Peter Guenzel|||

Stand-up meeting or seated conference: The desk range designed for both

With the benefits of active working now well established, furniture in the office is becoming more flexible. Standing desks are becoming a common sight in


Sit-stand desks are your new flexible friend when it comes to boosting brain power

A new study from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University College of London concludes that we work better when we’re allowed to go


Stuck in the past: real world offices

Elizabeth Choppin gets the lowdown on why, in the real world, the majority of offices in the UK are slow to adopt new ways of


The Urbantine Project runners up!

Words by Kerstin Zumstein When Jimmy MacDonald and Ian Rudge (see page 146) broke away from 100% Design and REED Exhibitions last year, the UK’s


A force for change

Kerstin Zumstein asks Phil Hutchinson, joint managing director of design consultancy BDGworkfutures, to look into the crystal ball of workplace developments Where and when were



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